The ensemble
was formed in 2002 by four young musicians, Péter Ács (double bass), Zsolt Deli (accordion), István Kerek (violin, viola), and Albert Mayer(guitar). Their repertory is based on the works by Astor Piazzolla but they also play contemporary pieces. During their five years of co-operation, their programme has widened continuously and their style has got more and more refined as they have toured home and abroad. They were guests at the Sziget Festival, Budapest; The Valley of Arts, Kapolcs; at the Festivals of Ôriszentpéter and Zemplén; and were invited to play at the Bridge Festival, the Budapest Fair, the Budapest Spring Festival; and they have given concerts in, as well as making several recordings for the Hungarian Radio.
At the International Accordion Competition in Castelfidardo, Italy, the ensemble came first in their category.
2006 saw their breakthrough in Hungary when they took first prize at the Fringe Festival launched by the Budapest Spring Festival. After much creative work and a long gestation period, the group have produced their first CD. The story of the Quartett Escualo is to be continued...

Péter Ács - double-bass

Studies: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - double-bass department. Teachers: Béla Ruzsonyi, József Vajda

Chamber orchestras: UMZE, Intermoduláció, Weiner-Szász Chamber Orchestra, Budapest Strings, Che Tango

Symphony orchestras: Budapest Festival Orchestra, Danubia Symphony Orchestra, Hungarian State Opera

Theatres: Bárka Színház, Krétakör Színház, József Attila Színház, Opett Színház, Új Színház, Interoperett, Madács Színház, Radnóti Színház

Guest performances abroad: as a chamber orchestra musician and as a symphony orchestra musician has given concerts several times in Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, England and Spain.


Zsolt Deli - accordion

Studies: Teachers' Training Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - accordion department teacher: László Ernyei, ELTE University - choir conductor

Orchestras: Folkestra, with whom he was awarded Emerton Prize in 2004 in the category of "The discovered talents of the year".

Theatres: Vígszínház, Pesti Színház, Katona József Színház, Petőfi Színház in Veszprém, Sámán Színház, Krétakör Színház, Közép Európa Táncszínház.

Guest performances abroad: France, Finland, Slovakia, the USA, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria

Discography: Chalaban: Al Baraka - 2000 Fonó Records Ltd.


István Kerek - violin, viola

Studies: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - violin department. Teachers: Eszter Perényi, Mária Zs. Szabó, Botvay Károly, Bánfalvi Béla. Course: András Ágoston, Dénes Zsigmond

Orchestras: David Klezmer Quintet, Arcolor Quartet, Trio Divertimento

Theatres: Madách Kamara, Katona József Színház, Vígszínház, Bárka Színház, Krétakör Színház, Kolibri Színház. He has contributed to the music of several films and documentaries of great success.

Guest performances abroad: he has given concerts on many occasions as a soloist, chamber musician and concert-master in Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Holland, etc.


Albert Mayer - guitar

Studies: Teachers' Training Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - guitar department. Teachers: Ferenc Fodor, László Szendrey-Karper

Chamber music orchestras: Famulus, Aulus Régizene Együttes, concerts given by the musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Hungarian State Opera. He also participated in making radio recordings and recording film music.

Theatres: Új Színház, Vígszínház, Katona József Színház, Pesti Színház, Radnóti Színház, Madách Színház, Merlin Színház, Hungarian State Opera

Guest performances abroad: As a soloist and chamber music partner he has given guest performances in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, etc.